5 male diseases female genes are responsible for

Man and woman at the genetic level differ by only one pair of sex chromosomes. The woman has two identical chromosomes XX, and the man only one X and Y. The genes are part of many chromosomes and they are responsible for our health.

If a woman gets “sick” X chromosome, in most cases, the defect will cover another – health and disease does not manifest itself. If a man, inherited from the mother gets a defective X chromosomethere is nothing to compensate its function. Therefore, there are some of male diseases which almost never occur in women.

Colorblindness – this is loss of or impaired ability to distinguish colors and shades. Most often color-blind do not see red, at least – green or blue. Many colorblind are unaware of their defect until a medical examination. It should be noted that women can be color-blind too, but 20 times less likely than men.

Hemophilia – this disease is also linked to the X chromosome. Blood clotting and disturbed person can die from bleeding. The most common cause of misery and suffering are hemophiliac bleeding in the joint cavity, which may eventually lead to disability. There are modern drugs that cause blood to clot. Patients with hemophilia need to administer them during the whole life.

Duchenne dystrophy – this disease gets “inherited” a broken dystrophin gene – a protein that is required for normal muscle function. Boys aged 10-12 are so weakened that they cannot walk alone.

X-linked immunodeficiency – this rare disease affects the immune system of the boys from birth. They do not have enough blood cells for the immune defense, the immune system is underdeveloped and unable to resist diseases. Even the common cold could be fatal for a man.

Martin–Bell Syndrome – is characterized by increased fragility of the X chromosome. During cell division the portion of X chromosome breaks off and the reading the information from broken part stops. As a result, a boy’s mental development disrupts.